Educational PRogram

A number of intentional components make Highline’s academic program unique and successful:

Skilled Faculty:  The success of Highline Academy’s academic program is a result of the passion, expertise and dedication of our teachers. Nearly 70% of our teachers possess graduate degrees. Combined, our teachers average 10+ years of classroom experience, with our range running from 3 to 40 years of experience.

Performance Grouping:  Based on assessments and teacher input, students are placed in performance groups for math, literacy, and language arts middle school. Performance grouping allows us to better tailor our classrooms to meet individual student needs.

Performance Grouping Video

Small Classes: Smaller classes allow us to spend more time working with students to meet and support their individual needs.

Spanish in All Grades Levels: All Highline students take Spanish beginning in kindergarten.

Curriculum: Highline offers a standards-based educational program to all students. We begin with the end in mind; what should students know, understand, and be able to do. Then we draw upon a variety of curricular resources to meet the end goal.  The foundation for curriculum and instruction at Highline Academy is based on the National Common Core Standards. These standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn and master at each grade level.