Before and After School Care

Founded in 2003 with three schools, Kids’ Adventures set out to revolutionize before- and after-school programming. Now operating with twenty-nine schools throughout Colorado, our programs are breaking ground in the areas of activity-based learning, collaboration with teachers and school staff, and flexible program options for parents.


Kids’ Adventures, Inc. strives to be the premier childcare company in Colorado. Our children will continuously receive new and fun activities in our programs. Kids’ Adventures, Inc. will earn the confidence and respect of each school district and its surrounding communities.


  • Every child deserves a safe, clean and healthy environment to grow both mentally and physically.
  • We support an activity-based program that promotes self-esteem; to help each child grow and enhance their quality of life.
  • We believe in a structured program that develops the minds and bodies of our students, helping them prepare for personal success.
  • We help every child find their voice so that they are recognized every day.
  • We build strong relationships with each school and community through collaboration.
  • We treat every child with respect, kindness, and fairness.
  • We believe that every child deserves to smile and have fun by leaving their inhibitions and exploring.


  • To establish long-lasting community relationships
  • To inspire each child to accomplish difficult tasks
  • To encourage children to always ask “why?”
  • To help students develop high-level thinking and decision-making abilities
  • For every adult to be a role model and an intricate part of each child’s overall growth
  • To do our best everyday so our students can achieve their best
  • For every child to be fully engaged, physically and mentally, in all activities


School Directors are an elite core of well-trained individuals who have embraced childcare as their career. They oversee each school site and serve as liaisons between company administrators and staff. Regular meetings ensure air-tight communications between management and program staff. We offer competitive pay, free training, matching 401(k) options, and paid time off. Program staff are mature, caring individuals with a minimum of two years of childcare experience.

Each completes the following requirements:

  • 16 hours of ongoing training (provided by Kids Adventures)
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Universal Precautions
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Delegation
  • Child abuse reporting and filing with Central Registry and CBI Fingerprinting

Additional trainings have included: Brain Stimulating Activities, Classroom Management, Wyatt Earp Theory, Billing 101, Customer Service Commandments, Conflict Resolution, Gym Games, Arts and Craft Training, Transitioning Games, Strategies for Tough Kids, Full-day Maintenance, Communication Strategies, Love and Logic, and many others.

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