We love our volunteers! Thank you for all you do to make Highline Academy such a great community! Our school was established based on the belief that parents/guardians are an important element in a child’s education and that parental/guardian involvement is necessary for the success of the school.

As a parent and community founded school, we rely heavily upon parental partnerships to ensure our success. While we are not a parent-run school, we are a parent-involved school. We encourage parents to serve as thinking partners and leadership colleagues in shaping and implementing our vision.

Parents serve on our Board of Directors, accountability committee, and hiring committee, and provide constant feedback to the school about its success and areas of needed improvement. By enrolling a child at Highline Academy Charter School, parents/guardians have chosen to participate in a unique education experience that actively involves both parents and students.

Record Your Hours

You may record your hours by:

  • Completing the form below or the volunteer form in the mobile app
  • Note: if you chair an event, you fulfill your volunteer hours