Highline Academy Celebrates its 10th Year of Success in the Denver Charter School Community

Denver, CO – Oct. 2, 2013 – Highline Academy is celebrating 10 years of success in fostering a diverse and equitable community of youth and adults striving together for academic, personal, and civic excellence.

Founded in 2003 by a committee of parents looking for educational alternatives that would help prepare their children for secondary school and the world beyond, Highline Academy has become one of the longest-running charter schools in the Denver area.  Benefitting from a committed staff and superb faculty, Highline students’ academic achievements are significant.  In the 2012/2013 academic year, the school’s students outperformed the District and State in math, reading, writing, and science in 39 of 40 categories.

The school’s academic success has been recognized by the Denver community with accolades such as the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, recognition of both the elementary and middle schools in 5280 Magazine,and an A from Colorado School Grades.  Beyond its academic achievements, Highline has also received the Legacy Foundation’s Choice Award for Engaging Students as Leaders.

“We are very proud of our students and the uniquely diverse, uniquely ‘Highline’ culture we have created within our school,” said Gregg Gonzales, the school’s principal.  “Our strength comes from high engagement—engaged parents, engaged faculty and staff, and engaged students.  We are all committed to helping every student succeed academically, personally, and civically,” concluded Gonzales.

Highline entered its 10th year celebration with cake, ice cream, and balloons in a traditional birthday party held at the school on September 28th, attended by current students, alumni, parents, and school founders.  “Highline Academy started as a grassroots effort by parents and community members who wanted a diverse, inclusive, and academically rigorous public school option in southeast Denver. I am thrilled that Highline continues to serve hundreds of children each year by preparing them to thrive in academics, develop their character, and engage in the community,” highlighted Jennifer Douglas, one of the school’s co-founders.

Highline Academy is a charter school located in southeast Denver at 2170 S Dahlia Street Denver CO 80222.  Since its founding in 2003, Highline has served over 1,000 students, many of whom have moved on to high-performing high schools and colleges.  Highline Academy uses the REACH program to teach academic, personal, and civic excellence to its students.  To learn more about Highline Academy, please visit our website at, where you can learn how to arrange a tour of our school.

Highline’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Michael Hancock! – Denver — Denver Public Schools’ highest-performing school in the Southeast region, Highline Academy, celebrated its recently-purchased and remodeled facility at 2170 S. Dahlia St. Since opening in DPS seven years ago, Highline Academy has continued to post strong gains each year. Some 500 students and staff joined  Mayor Michael Hancock and Superintendent Tom Boasberg for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, Sept. 30 to celebrate the school’s new home.


We are excited to be the recipient of the 2010 Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for Outstanding Academic Performance from the Colorado State Board of Education.


Voted one of Denver’s BEST Elementary Schools by 5280!

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