Core Values

Highline-194What’s REACH? We actively prepare students to succeed in the diverse environments that await them—in college, in the work place, and in community life—by teaching them about responsibility, empowerment, aspiration, citizenship, and honesty.

These are the five key character traits emphasized through our REACH program:

  • Responsibility
  • Empowerment
  • Aspiration
  • Citizenship
  • Honesty

Students in our elementary school enjoy a REACH class once per week.  During this class time, students are explicitly taught the values in our REACH program and are provided opportunities to practice their implementation.  Every month, students who consistently demonstrate the school’s REACH goals are nominated by their classroom teacher and chosen by the school administration to add their handprint to Highline’s REACH for Success Wall located throughout the building.

During a celebration ceremony, three different awards are given:

  • REACH Up: The Booker T. Washington Award for outstanding achievement in academics.
  • REACH In: The Aldous Huxley Award for recognition of self-growth.
  • REACH Out: The Margaret Mead Award for service to the community.