Drop Off ~ Pick Up Information

Drop Off and Pick Up:

The school building does not open until 7:30am, (except for Innovation Learning, which opens at 6:30am). Students are not  allowed to wait in the building until staff is available for supervision at 7:30am. If you drop off before 7:30 students will be waiting outside unsupervised. Please make sure they are dressed for the weather or better yet, check them into Innovation Learning.

Here are other things to remember:

  • We have free breakfast for all students! Students need to be in their classrooms by 7:50am or they will be considered tardy.
  • Please use carline – it’s safe, it’s quick and convenient. Carline is the best option – your child is safe with their classmates and teacher and you don’t have to find parking!
  • For afternoon pickup, you may NOT enter carline heading south on Dahlia (no left turns into carline). Carline queues up along the front of the school.
  • The zone along the building on Warren Ave is a designated loading zone. You may not leave your vehicle unattended at any time. Use this area for quick drop-offs and pick-ups only, please do not park in this area between 7:00pm and 5:00pm. If you need to help your child with their belongings or want to hug them goodbye, please use carline.
  • Always use the crosswalk! Students will not be allowed to jaywalk across Warren at pick up.
    No parking in the teacher parking lot across the street from the school…and please be courteous to our neighbors and do not park in their parking lots.
    Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we navigate our way through the first week!
  • No U-turns on any street at any time.
  • Parents who choose to walk their child into the school building through the front doors will not be able to walk past the library at the front hallway. Students will walk to their classrooms without parents. Staff is located throughout the building to make sure students get to their classrooms.
  • If your student is not picked up 20 minutes after dismissal, they will be sent to Innovation Learning, where you will occur a fee.
  • Please be a role model and be courteous to our neighbors and other drivers.
  • NO cell phone use during carline at anytime. As a community we must come together to ensure the safety of all our students.

We appreciate your attention to these important details that will help arrival, dismissal and carline run smoothly and efficiently. 



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