Medication at School

Whenever possible children should be given medication at home. HA encourages parents to work with their doctors to prescribe dosages that can be given at home rather than at school. However if the children must be given medication during the school day, it must be given by a registered nurse, or someone under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. The state board of nursing requires certain procedures be adhered to when a child must take medication at school, whether it is prescription or non prescription medication. Only middle and high school aged students may carry and self administer their own medication if authorized in writing to do so by the physician, and their parents have submitted a written request to the school principal. The school nurse must concur that the child can safely self administer his or her own medication. The school must have a signed parent permission statement that clearly states the name of the medication and the exact time it is to be administered at school. The school must also have the physicians signed statement, which matches instructions on the medicine container, and the signed parent permission statement. This requirement applies to both prescription and non prescription medication. This statement should also include the purpose of the medication, the length of time it needs to be administered at school, and the possible side effects. Prescription medication must be in its original pharmacy labeled container, which clearly shows the name of the prescribing physician, the child’s name, the name of the medication, the time it is to be administered, and dosage. Non prescription medication must also be in their original container. Dosages, which require a tablet or pill to be split, must be split by the pharmacist. School staff may not split tablets or pills. If the dosage requirement changes a new permission form must be completed, and the medication container label must match the new instructions.

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Immunization Requirements
All children attending school must have a completed certificate of immunization on record in the school as required by law. Parents should consult their family physician to determine if their child’s immunizations are up to date or if any additional immunizations are needed to meet current requirements. A schedulor of immunizations, and or a certificate of immunization maybe accessed at Information regarding low cost immunizations may be obtained by calling 303-761-1340. Children may be exempted from immunizations for medical, religious, or personal reasons