Parent Portal

The ParentPortal is your first stop to access up-to-date academic information and applications
to support you in monitoring your student’s progress. The purpose of the Parent Portal is
to improve communication between you, your student and their teachers that will enhance
academic partnership and shared accountability.

How to create a DPS Parent Portal Account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Create an Account”
  3. Fill out the form. Your child’s lunch number is their student ID number.
  4. Input your child’s student ID and click “Submit”
  5. Create your username and password and click “Submit”
  6. Check your email and click the activation link to finish setting up your Parent Portal account.

Are you experiencing technical issues? Did you forget your username or password? Call the DPS Parent Portal support line at 720-423-3163, or submit a support ticket via email at

Please be prepared to provide any of all of the following information: your name, email, username, student’s name, student’s school, a clear description of the issue, what browser and operating system you’re using and screenshots of the issue, if available.