Uniform Information

Please Read Carefully

At Highline Academy we believe that school uniforms help promote respect for self and others, build school and community spirit and help minimize disruptive behavior. On some days the school may designate non-uniform “dress down” days. Those decisions will be made in advance by the principal.

Uniforms can be purchased online at www.frenchtoast.com – entering Highline’s code, QS5NJYR, will bring up Highline approved pieces and French Toast sends us a rebate! Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and JC Penny all carry uniform clothing – just make sure you follow the guidelines below!

Students who come to school out of uniform will be sent to the uniform closet to change into a uniform. The uniform must be washed and returned to school by the next school day. For students who outgrow uniform clothes throughout the year, the uniform closet is always open for trade-ins! Trade in your smaller size for a larger one!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. If it’s NOT on the list, do not assume it is permissible.
Polo Shirts

  • White, navy blue, pale yellow, and gold. 6th – 8th grade may wear forest green.
  • Must be tucked in at all times
  • Undershirts, if worn, must be solid navy blue or white

Sweaters/Sweatshirts and Vests

  • Highline Academy sweatshirts may be purchased from the front office
  • Solid navy, black, tan, khaki, or white light-weight sweaters (pullover, button-up, wrap-type with a tie or zippered) or sweater vests may be worn over uniform shirts
  • No hoodies or fleece sweaters/sweatshirts are allowed


  • Must be dress type pants, and worn at the waist; 5 pocket twill pants are acceptable for MS only
  • Solid khaki or navy blue
  • May be pleated or flat front
  • No jeans, cargo/carpenter pants, skinny-style, or sweatpants of any kind
  • Must have belt loop waistband; draw-string pants are not allowed


  • Solid tan-colored khaki or navy blue
  • Must have hemline no shorter than 2 inches above the knee
  • Jumpers must be worn with the uniform polo shirt
  • No dresses, running shorts, or denim of any kind

Shoes and Socks

  • Boots and shoes of any color are acceptable
  • Sandals (except for flip flops) are permitted in warmer weather but must have a back strap
  • Athletic shoes must be worn for physical education classes
  • Socks may be any color or style so long as they are not distracting

Solid-colored white, navy, gray or black tights or leggings may be worn under skirts/jumpers (no designs)

Accessories & Grooming

  • Belts, if worn, must be solid navy, black or tan
  • All clothing must be clean, fit properly, and in good condition
  • Any type of coat may be worn to and from school, and at recess, but not in the classroom

Highline Academy is fortunate to have a community uniform closet where gently used items are available for $5. You can also bring in your used items and trade for other items.

Kids grow fast, and the uniform closet supply does too!  You can come by and donate, trade or purchase from the closet.

New Highline Academy sweatshirts are also available for sale for $15.00. We have navy blue and gray – be sure to check them out!