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Our Professional Community

Highline Academy is an intentional, intellectually rigorous professional learning community. We believe in collaboration and are committed to maintaining a collegial and productive work environment. We seek candidates with strong character who have an absolute drive for excellence and a commitment to meeting the academic and social needs of ALL students.

We are looking for teaching candidates who share our mission of fostering a diverse and equitable community of youth and adults striving together for academic, personal, and civic excellence. Our visionis to create inclusive excellence in public education.

Internal Commitments

Cycle of Student Learning


Meet a Few Members of Our Team

Name: Dayna Norman
Subject/Grade: Kindergarten

What makes HA special to you? Highline Academy’s mission to educate all students and striving for personal, academic and civic excellence.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe all students can learn. It is our job as educators to figure out how to reach each individual student and inspire them to excel in ways in which they didn’t even know possible.

Favorite Student Story: My favorite teaching story is truly a work in progress. As I hear updates from some of our most struggling past 8th grade students I am starting to see the fruits of our labor as they are now becoming 10th graders and more conversations of college and future plans are becoming a reality. I have seen the growth and maturity from students who many gave up on long ago. Their success becomes my favorite story.

Name: Ken Kosten
Subject/Grade: Middle School Science

What makes HA special to you? Highline Academy is a special place where students and teachers come together to learn and explore the world around us. We learn to improve ourselves and that world so that our future will be brighter and more rewarding for all.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that everyone has an amazing potential to grow and learn throughout life, but the most important years occur during middle school. This is the critical time in which students will make choices about their future and their interests in pursuing a long term education. I believe that a student’s future success is largely determined by the math and science skills that they develop at this critical time. Science and math are increasing playing a vital role in the technology and productivity of our world. A student that wants to be apart of this exciting time, will need to firmly understand these subjects. I feel that students will do their best work when the expectations are held high and students are provided the support that they need to reach their exceptional potential.

Favorite Student Story: I had a student for a couple of years that earned C’s in math and science. One day she told me, “I want to learn this material and I am willing to do whatever it takes.” We both worked hard and as a result she earned the highest grade in my math class.

Name: Natalie Neuhart
Subject/Grade: 3rd Grade

What makes HA special to you? My students, their families, and the staff and faculty with whom I get to work.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all children deserve the same opportunities to learn and grow. I believe in providing my students with a safe, nurturing, and disciplined environment.

Favorite Student Story: One year, I was teaching test taking skills. One of the answers was “all of the above”. I asked the class what that meant. A student raised his hand and said in a whisper as he pointed his index finger to the sky “That’s when the guy up there takes care of it!”

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