Urgent Action RE: PERA Bill

DPS is gathering parents at 11 AM at the Capitol to help us advocate for important resources for our school.  Last week, a bill that would have allowed Denver Public Schools (including charters) to pay the same rate to PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) as all other school districts in the state was sent to a kill committee in the Senate and was defeated in less than 10 minutes with no discussion.   This bill would have meant $100 million to DPS district-run and charter schools over the next five years ($20 million per year), or the equivalent of 2-3 teachers in every school.

Fortunately, the bill has been re-introduced (HB 1391) at the last minute and will be in the Senate again today.  If you are able please head down to the Capitol at 11:00 a.m. to ask Senators why they killed this important bill and whether they will do the right thing now that they have a second chance.   Please meet other concerned parents on the first floor, north side, just inside the security area.  Your contact will be Greg Hatcher (303) 596-7724.

For more information please read the Denver Post Editorial here or the story by the Colorado Independent here.

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