Welcome Back to School Letter from our Principal

Dear Highline Families:

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer vacation filled with fun and exciting memories with your loved ones. We were thrilled to welcome all of you back to a new school year of learning and growing.

Personally, I am grateful and elated to continue this journey with you as your Principal. Over the past year, I have had a chance to meet many of you and your children, and look forward to continue building a strong relationship with all of you in the upcoming year. As we enter this new school year, I want to let you know that our staff will be engaging in conversations around having a growth mindset, both for themselves and all students. We believe that every person in this building should always be growing and learning. Despite obstacles that may arise, we must always believe in our ability to rise above challenges and come out stronger on the other end.

I want to personally invite you to attend our Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 3 from 5-7 PM. This will be a great time to strengthen our Highline community, meet teachers and other families, and learn about the upcoming school year. We’ll begin the evening with a picnic (food trucks will be available), and child care will be provided from 5:40-7pm. At 5:45, we’ll transition into a short school-wide meeting in the gym, and from there you’ll have the opportunity to visit with teachers at each grade-level. Our school goal is to see 80% of our families at this event. I hope to see each of you next Thursday!

Lastly, I did want to let you know about an incident on the playground today. One of our students fell while running, and we did call the paramedics to provide medical attention. Thankfully, the situation turned out fine; however, many students may come home talking about a firetruck and ambulance at school. The safety of your children is our top priority, and we will always do everything we can to keep your students safe, healthy, and happy.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.


Kali Garofoli
Highline Academy Southeast Charter School K-8
Character. Commitment. Diversity. Equity. Growth. Reflectiveness
“In this revolution, no plans have been written for retreat”- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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